April 08, 2014

TickleBunnies: Liza Tied And Tickled


Voluptuously sexy and cute, Liza is incredibly ticklish! We tied her to the bed spreadeagled and tickled her feet and her fantastic titties till she was ready to go insane. Her laughter and screams are a tickler's dream. This girl was so much fun and OH SO FUCKIN' TICKLISH! YOU GOTTA HEAR HER LAUGHTER!!


April 08, 2014

TickleBunnies: Lets Tickle Ducky!


Ducky is such a sexy cutie with the softest, most ticklish soles I've ever had the pleasure of tickling. She is tied down nice and spreadeagled and me and rick ravage her with our tickly wiggly fingers. Mostly foot tickling but also plenty of satisfying upper body tickling as well. Great video from our beginning days in 2004.


April 08, 2014

TickleBunnies: Tickling Daphne


Another voluptuous 19 year old Asian girl with nice round titties and a cute ethnic look joins Tickle Bunnies. She is tied down to the bed spreadeagled and tickled mercilessly over every square inch of her smooth ticklish body as she giggles and laughs with every poke and stroke of our fingers, toothbrush, and hairbrush.


February 09, 2013

Vibrating Wand Works On Oriental Snatch

Her captor got her stripped down naked and fixed into position with her legs spread and her pussy exposed. This petite Asian babe will be taken to a place that she has never been to before. Her sadistic captor was equipped with a vibrating wand which delivers vibrations stronger than any of our female sex toys.

At first she is a little bit shy being totally exposed in this way, but as soon as the vibrator touches her clit it immediately hits the spot and has her making soft moaning sounds as the sensation of the toy vibrates her most sensitive area. Working away at her clit with the vibe is clearly turning her on and it's not long before we see her wet pussy juice glistening in the light.

February 08, 2013

Lady on Lady Love

There’s a beautiful Asian girl tied to the bed. She’s got small tits and a shaved pussy. Her arms and legs have been bound securely enough that she’d never be able to move if her captors chose to keep her there forever. There’s another Asian girl in the room, but she’s free to do whatever she wants. It’s her task to get the tied up chick off, and she’s taking it very seriously.

She begins with a little foreplay, running her tongue over the girl’s nipples. You can see on her face that she enjoys the feeling. The heat in the room turns up when the pussy eating begins. While the girl lays there resigned to her fate her captor lowers her head between her legs and starts to munch box. The camera goes in close for a few shots and it looks quite inviting down there.

February 07, 2013

Cheearleader Undress Her Sexy Uniform

Have you ever gone to a football game and watched the cheerleaders during halftime putting on their little show in their sexy uniforms , and thinking to your self what it’d be like to see one of these girls stripping right in front of, and only for, you? You’ll certainly have, and you’ll seem to get the same feeling when your browsing the stripteases performed by the sexy ladies here at Spreadinggirls.com.

Petra had no problem doing the shoot with the uniform we were able to provide. As we snapped pictures of her, she begins to gradually get rid of her clothes little by little. First she lifted up her top, letting those nice looking breast with pop nipples slip. She then hoisted her kinky tiny skirt and spreads her long smooth legs to reveal a hot red panty underneath . Then slowly she runs her fingers to slip that piece of cloth and expose her juicy pink snatch.

February 06, 2013

Shaving Babes

The lips of two beautiful blonde girls meet in a sensual kiss. As the camera pulls back they kiss again, their passionate juices flowing freely. One girl removes her top and instantly her nipple has been engulfed by a warm mouth and there’s a soft tongue running circles around it. They kiss again and there’s more tit sucking. When both girls get naked, minus their latex boots, a bottle of shaving cream appears.

These girls are here to entertain those of you that love watching hotties shave. They both have a little growth on their pussies so they spread the cream around and remove it with a sharp razor. They also have a little fun with the soft white substance, rubbing it all over their tits and stomachs. They’re so passionate for each other they can’t resist kissing while in the middle of shaving.

February 05, 2013

Sexy Blonde Hot Tease

Jana loves high heels they make her feel attractive and sexy. She loves to wear them at home, pacing up and down, preening herself, just for the sake of fun. She always imagined herself as a supermodel, with a handsome guy waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. When she’ll get down, he’ll do nasty things to her. This fantasy always makes her wet. She started the shoot wearing a black see-thru top, her favorite high heels and nothing more.

The curves of this stunning blonde are to die for. Her huge hazel eyes are gorgeous and her natural soft tits are just as awesome . This hot chick has an incredible pussy we notice that her juicy pussy lips can make up one of the best cameltoes. This babe make me want to filling her vagina with my tongue, flicking it against her clit, bringing her to climax nice and hard, huffing and puffing, eyes half closed, having been licked like the good open legged slut she is.

February 04, 2013

Lesbian Pussy Licker

Crystal never had an orgasm before but her friend Sonia knows how to enjoy life fully as well as eating a scrumptiousness pussy. Sonia seduced her alone with her sexy voice. Her panties were soaking wet even before they were slipped off . Crystal has never been licked in the way Sonia licked her.

We got Sonia licking and fingering the hell out of Crystal’s tight snatch until she was shivering with pleasure. Her amazingly talented tongue swung back and forth into her girlfriend’s flawless body, perfect round tits and that juicy sweet snatch. With her eyes closed Crystal screamed with pleasure as she came hard.

February 03, 2013

Vibrating Pussy

This sexy Asian babe has always wanted to orgasm but she's never been able to loosen up enough to let one come to her. That's why she asked to be forced into an orgasm and that's why she's currently tied to the bed. Her hands are bound and her legs are spread wide open, giving us a perfect view of her shaved pussy and her sexy young body.

A huge vibrator is being used to pleasure her, and given how wet her pussy looks it seems to me that it's working pretty well. Her head is rolling back and forth as she battles with herself. Her natural inclination is to avoid this sort of self pleasure but it feels so good she doesn't want to ignore it. The gallery includes multiple up close shots of her pussy and the slick wetness of it. It's really pretty damn hot and well worth a look.

February 02, 2013

Frisky Schoolgirl Carolyn

Frisky schoolgirl Carolyn lounges in the white couch in her delightful school uniform. It appears as though she's just arrived home from a long day of classes and is ready to change out of her stuffy clothes. Feeling a little hot she pulls off her tie, unbuttons her shirt, and exposes her perky breasts to us. This playgirl took her top off almost baring her breast for the camera. Her bra hugs her lovely tits tightly and keeps them pretty and perky looking.

She’s not above a little teasing though and she continued out by rubbing her legs. As she turns towards the camera she spreads them, giving us an amazing crotch shot of her little panties with cute cherry prints. She loses the bra next, giving us a full on view of her gorgeous tits; she even squeezes them a bit while giving the camera a lusty, slutty look. Her panties come off next in a smooth maneuver and then she rubs her clit for our pleasure.

February 01, 2013

Wild ass licking

Who?s hungry for some asses?? Well I guess no one except for this man! Good thing this man is an ass cleaner and so he is able to lick a lot of asses, filthy and not. Even if it?s ...

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